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Limeatless Foods Vegan Food


We’re thrilled to introduce Limeatless product line:

Bold Burger

Plant based Thick, full-bite rich with distinguished flavors.

Bold Burger

Chill Burger

Plant based delicate, lightly seasoned burger.

Chill Burger

Unique Kebab

Smokey taste, airy texture and oozing “meat like” juices-  Plant based Mediterranean style kabab.



Our “tuna”  is designed to give the real deal texture, flavors, and taste.

 It has small “fish” pieces, with balanced savory taste- perfect for the beloved dish of Tuna salad.



Delicate and extremely delicious plant based beef-style ravioli.

This ravioli recipe was crafted by a top chef from a leading cafe chain and combines high quality pasta with our “meaty” mince, for everyone’s



Limeatless was founded by a team of leading food scientists and top chefs to create an amazing plant based  “meat”, “fish” and “cheese” product range

To this end, we have developed special production technologies (IP) and     unique protein and fat blends that finally creates the best texture and taste for plant based products.

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